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Colorado Grown, Certified Organic Seeds

These seeds are all grown by our Colorado partner farms. All are certified organic, open pollinated seeds. Treat yourself and your family to the gift of great health with your own garden grown vegetables!
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Red Russian Kale Seeds Crimson Sweet Watermelon Seeds Mustard Green Seeds
Mustard Green Seeds*
Our Price: $2.89
A very popular Sweet, Tender and Mild Kale A sweet crimson watermelon with great storing ability An ancient variety. Delightful addition to salad mixtures
Mesclun Green Seeds Hopi Black Bean Seeds Wild  Arugula Seeds
Hopi Black Bean Seeds *
Our Price: $2.99
Wild Arugula Seeds^
Our Price: $3.29
Mesclun Green Seeds Seeds for sale at eGardenSeed.com. This blend includes; Arugula, Red Giant and Mizuna Mustards, Tatsoi and Tokyo Bekana Chinese Cabbages A classic and very dependable turtle-like black bean Aromatic green with excellent peppery taste
Surrey Arugula Seeds Lolla Rossa Lettuce Seeds Optima Butterhead Lettuce Seeds
Surrey Arugula Seeds *
Our Price: $3.29
Fast growing with a rich, spicy flavor Delicately frilly and flavored Classic buttercruch delicacies with improved bolt resistance
Red Oak Leaf Looseleaf Lettuce Seeds Blushed Icy Oak Looseleaf Lettuce Seeds Flame Looseleaf Lettuce Seeds
Extravagantly dark maroon wavy leaf- Beautiful and delicious! Interesting green/red blushed oak leaf lettuce. A favorite for salad mixes. A true red leaf lettuce
Australian Yellow Looseleaf Lettuce Seeds Supreme Growers Living Soil Amendments Smooth Aster Seeds
Supreme Growers Living Soil Amendments^
Our Price: $4.99
Current Sale Price! $3.50
You save $1.49!
Smooth Aster Seeds *
Our Price: $3.50
Wavy light green leaves grow huge and mature early. Healthy soil is full of living things! Late bloomer great for color from August- October!
Pacific Aster  Seeds Japanese Imperial Long Carrot Seeds Pascal Celery Seeds
Pacific Aster Seeds *
Our Price: $3.50
Pascal Celery Seeds *
Our Price: $3.89
Mid-summer blooming, N. American native wildflower NEW! A very long, thin carrot  with deep orange color NEW! A classic variety from Colorado's front range
Oregon Giant Snow Pea Seeds Cascadia Snap Pea Seeds Broadleaf Batavian Endive Seeds
A large, prolific snow pea with a sweet, tender flavor Plump snap peas with great flavor An extra frilly and wonderfully flavorful variety
Yellow Croockneck Squash Seeds Hungarian Red Broom Sorghum Seeds Mexican Red Bean Seeds
A beautiful Golden Heirloom Summer Squash Giant broom heads- popular in broom crafting A favorite heirloom soup bean since 1855!
Roc D'or String Bean Seeds Blue Lake Bush Bean Seeds Purple Stripe Snap Pea Seeds
A fantastic French heirloom wax bean- FULL of flavor! The most widely grown heirloom bush green bean Rare, purple striped sugar snap!
French Sorrel Seeds Golden Wax String Bean Seeds Uchiki Kuri Squash Seeds
French Sorrel Seeds ^
Our Price: $3.89
A very easy to grow Sorrel with rich lemon flavor A fast maturing Heirloom yellow bean A delicious Winter Squash from Japan.
Jade String Bean Seeds Spring Blush Snap Pea Seeds
Jade Bean Seeds ^
Our Price: $4.79
Our most popular green snap bean- smooth and prolific! A prolific light pink colored blushed snap pea