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Corn Seeds

"A light wind swept over the corn, and all nature laughed in the sunshine." - Anne Bronte

More than any other vegetable, corn tastes best when you pick it fresh, then rush it straight to boiling water. This is because the sugars in corn rapidly turn to starch. Corn needs hot weather, lots of time to ripen and plenty of elbowroom to grow.
To harvest an ear of corn , grasp it firmly, bend it down and pull toward the ground with a twisting motion. Husk and cook or freeze your fresh immediately for best quality. Husks can be shredded and then composted or dug back into garden soil.

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Mandan Bride Corn Seeds Golden Bantum Corn Seeds Ornamental Blue Corn Seeds
Mandan Bride Corn Seeds
Our Price: $2.19
Blue Corn Seeds
Our Price: $2.89
A beautiful corn variety from the Mandan Indians of Minnesota and North Dakota The standard and most popular Heirloom corn variety for old-fashioned flavor Large blue cobs make great Autumn decorations!
Ornamental Rainbow Corn Seeds Anasazi Flour Corn Seeds Strawberry Popcorn Seeds
Ornamental corn with an exciting rainbow of rich color tones. Traditional seed stock from the four corners region of Utah An heirloom corn variety that produces little jewels of ruby red corn