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Dried Organic Herbs

Check out all our special prices on dried herbs and spices this month!

Dry Herbs can be used in medicinal, ethnobotanical and culinary recipes.

Many cultures throughout history have recognized the many uses of herbs for health. Today, dried herbs have many uses including the use of Chinese herbs, healing herbs and herb tea to help with everything from weight-loss, insomnia, and anxiety to use as natural aphrodisiacs and dream enhancers!

Our dried herbs are sold in 2oz, 2.5oz or 4oz and 1 pound sizes.

Please note that when ordering dried herbs, we prefer an order of >$50. If you're herb order is greater than $50 please enter discount code "FIFTY" at checkout for free shipping!
Allergies and Colds Cardoivascular Health Culinary Herbs
Herbs used to treat symptoms associated with Allergies and Colds
Herbs used to strengthen and purify the Cardiovascular System
Herbs popular for use in Teas, Potpourris and Cooking
Digestive Health Eyes and Vision Immune Health
Herbs used to strengthen and soothe the Digestive System
Herbs used to strengthen the eyes and improve Visual Health
Herbs used to boost immunity and improve Immune System health
Kidney and Urinary Health Liver Health Sexual Health
Herbs used to improve Kidney and Urinary Health
Herbs used to stimulate and strengthen the Liver
Herbs used to stimulate sexual drive, balance hormones and improve Sexual Health
Stress and Mental Fatigue Sleep and Relaxation Woman's Health
Herbs used to relieve mental fatigue, calm nervous and improve memory
Herbs used for their calming, sedative and dream inducing effects
Herbs used to improve Woman's Health at every stage: Prenatal, Pregnancy, Childbirth, Menstruation and PMS
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Bulk Herb Sample Special Double Happiness Flowering Tea Butterfly Flowering Tea
Butterfly Flowering Tea
Our Price: $1.95
Purchase many of our top selling herbs for the special "sampler" price of $1/oz. Green tea with two chrysanthemum flowers, amaranth globe and jasmine flowers A mixture of tightly rolled and open leaves of light to medium green color
Christmas Tree Flowering Tea Bhut (Naga) Jolokia Pepper Powder Dried Ginger Root
Green tea with two chrysanthemum flowers, chrysanthemum and amaranth globe flowers Use Ghost Pepper Powder to spice up anything! Popular as an Herbal supplement and in Indian cooking
Dried Burdock Root Dried Catnip Leaf Dried Hibiscus Flowers
Dried Burdock Root
Our Price: $7.90
Dried Catnip Leaf
Our Price: $7.90
Dried Hibiscus Flowers
Our Price: $7.90
Said to be the best blood purifier. It also stimulates digestive juices and strengthens the kidneys. Soothes the nervous system and calms the stomach Used to make delicious Caribbean Tea and to lower blood pressure
Dried Lemongrass Dried Licorice Root Dried Oat Straw
Dried Lemon Grass
Our Price: $7.90
Dried Licorice Root
Our Price: $7.90
Dried Oat Straw
Our Price: $7.90
Used in Teas and Asian cooking Used to treat coughs and chest ailments Benefits the nervous system
Dried Pau d'Arco Bark German Chamomile (Whole Flowers) Cinnamon Orange Tea Blend
Dried Pau d'Arco Bark
Our Price: $7.90
Dried German Chamomile (Whole Flowers)
Our Price: $11.99
Current Sale Price! $8.99
You save $3.00!
Antibacterial qualities and helps build the immune system Soothes nerves, stomach and menstrual cramps A zesty tea blend
Forever Fruit Tea Blend Herbal Orange Spice Tea Blend Indian Spice Tea Blend
Forever Fruit Tea Blend
Our Price: $9.50
Indian Spice Tea Blend
Our Price: $9.50
A delicious fruity tea A rich and spicy tea An invigorating spicy tea
Organic Green Tea Herbal Hibiscus Tea Jasmine Spice Tea Blend
Herbal Green Tea
Our Price: $9.50
Herbal Hibiscus Tea
Our Price: $9.50
Jasmine Spice Tea Blend
Our Price: $9.50
An antioxidant tea popular for weight loss A colorful and refreshing tea A popular tea in India
Lemon Ginger Tea Blend Licorice Spice Tea Blend Luscious Licorice Tea Blend
Lemon Ginger Tea Blend
Our Price: $9.50
A refreshing herbal tea A unique tea for all-around health A calming tea good for digestive health
Relaxing Tea Blend Spearmint Spice Tea Blend Ginkgo Leaf
Relaxing Tea Blend
Our Price: $9.50
Dried Ginkgo Leaf
Our Price: $9.90
A comforting tea that brings peace of mind A zesty mint tea Improves memory and circulation.
Red Clover (Whole blossoms) Nettle Leaf Barberry Root Bark
Dried Nettle Leaf
Our Price: $9.90
Important source of essential nutrients, such as calcium and vitamin C A time-honored herb used to strengthen the body and treat disease Lowers blood pressure and strengthens the liver
Dried Chaparral Leaf Dried Chaste Tree Berries Dried Feverfew
Dried Chaparral Leaf
Our Price: $9.90
Dried Feverfew
Our Price: $9.90
Purifies blood and tones the system Balances hormones and aids in relief from symptoms of PMS Used to treat migraine headaches
Dried Lemon Balm Dried Valerian Root Dried Psyllium Seed
Dried Lemon Balm
Our Price: $9.90
Dried Valerian Root
Our Price: $9.90
Great for making delicious Lemon Tea An ancient herb used for its sedative effects Used for its gentle laxative effect
Dried Spearmint Leaf Dried Bilberry Leaf Dried Lavender Flowers
Dried Spearmint Leaf
Our Price: $9.90
Dried Bilberry Leaf
Our Price: $10.90
Dried Lavender Flowers
Our Price: $10.90
Popular in teas and as a culinary herb Strengthens the eyes, increases circulation and reduces hypertension Popular in potpourri, teas and to aid in relaxation
Dried Lemon Verbena Dried Oregon Grape Root Stevia Herb Powder
Dried Lemon Verbena
Our Price: $10.90
Dried Oregon Grape Root
Our Price: $10.90
Stevia Herb Powder
Our Price: $10.90
The Lemoniest of all lemon herbs! Stimulates the liver and purifies the blood Incredible natural sweetener
Dried Red Raspberry Leaf Dried Peppermint Leaf Dried Calamus Root
Dried Peppermint Leaf
Our Price: $11.90
Dried Calamus Root
Our Price: $11.90
A popular aid in Pregnancy and Childbirth Known to soothe the stomach A highly valued aroma
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eGardenSeed is proud to offer a large selection of organic herbs. We are striving to be a full service herb store that meets all of your needs. We carry herbs that come from highly knowledgeable purchasers who search the globe to select only the finest and most environmentally conscious herb growers in the industry. Our diverse selection of dried herbs include many dried culinary herbs to spice up your favorite dishes, medicinal herbs for a variety of ailments and needs, an extensive variety of craft herbs, therapeutic herbs and a large selection of Chinese herbs for all of your tincture, supplement and daily nutritional needs.

All of our herbs come from top quality growers and suppliers and are high quality and authentic. Our herbs are fresh from harvest to harvest and are cut and sifted for your order.

The descriptions offered here are meant to be informative and are not a prescription. It is always recommended to consult a physician before starting any alternative or self treatment.

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