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Flower Bulbs

Bulbs will begin shipping in the 3rd week of September!

We are in the process of adding a great variety of high quality Flower Bulbs to our line. Including Tulip bulbs, Alium bulbs, Amaryllis bulbs, Iris bulbs, Nircissi bulbs, Daffodil bulbs and many many more! Plant and grow beautiful flower bulbs imported from Holland and shipped directly to your doorstep. Bulbs are great for container growing, and a must for Spring and Fall garden color. They also look great cut in bouquets around the house or as gifts for friends.

Please note that there is an minimum bulb order of $119.99 in order for us to fill the order. If you see an "Add More Bulbs" Charge in your shopping cart, this means you have not yet met our order minimum.

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Sphaerocephalon Allium Bulbs Voilet Beauty Allium Bulbs Reticulata Iris Bulbs
Reticulata Iris Bulbs (Fall planting only)
Our Price: $38.49
Current Sale Price! $11.50
You save $26.99!
Small flower head is egg shaped made from little reddish purple florets. A difficult to find Allium variety. Beautiful purple flowers Dark purple scented flowers
Akbulak Allium Bulbs Bizar Allium Bulbs Fondante Hyacinth Bulbs
Akbulak Allium Bulbs
Our Price: $11.99
Bizar Allium Bulbs
Our Price: $14.49
Fondante Hyacinth Bulbs
Our Price: $14.79
Deep reddish purple. Wonderful ornamental Allium Tiny Allium resembling shooting stars! Soft pink flowers on taller stems
Saffron Bulbs Pink Pearl Hyacinth Bulbs Jan Bos Hyacinth Bulbs
Saffron Bulbs
Our Price: $19.99
Current Sale Price! $14.99
You save $5.00!
Pink Pearl Hyacinth Bulbs
Our Price: $15.19
Jan Bos Hyacinth Bulbs
Our Price: $15.99
Saffron has long been among the world's most expensive spices by weight! A strongly-scented variety with stunning pink flowers Stunning and unique carmine-red color
Pink Mix Hyacinth Bulbs Mixed Colors Hyacinth Bulbs Carnegie Hyacinth Bulb
Pink Mix Hyacinth Bulbs
Our Price: $15.99
Carnegie Hyacinth Bulbs
Our Price: $17.99
A gorgeous mix of pink and purple hyacinths to white hyacinths All of our best selling hyacinth bulbs in one great mix! Soft white colored hyacinth with compact flowers
Latifolium Muscari (Grape Hyacinth) flower bulbs in bloom. Blue Mix Hyacinth Bulbs Blue Jacket Hyacinth Bulbs
Muscari Latifolium
Our Price: $17.99
Blue Mix Hyacinth Bulbs
Our Price: $18.09
Dark Purple flowers leading up to light blue flowers at the top.
A gorgeous mix of blue and white hyacinths Beautiful color and fragrance
Delfts Blue Hyacinth Bulbs Christopii Allium Bulbs Gypsy Queen Hyacinth Bulbs
Christopii Allium Bulbs
Our Price: $19.59
Gorgeous eye-catching color A stunning lavender ball-shaped mass of flowers The most unusual and colorful hyacinth!
AFLATUENENSE Allium Bulbs Purple Sensation Allium Bulbs Israeli Red Lion Amaryllis Bulbs
A carefree and rewarding lilac Allium Highly decorative and faintly scented globes that can grow to as large as about 4 inches in diameter! Large, fire-engine red flowers can bloom in 4 weeks!
Israeli Apple Blossom Amaryllis Bulbs Blue Pearl Crocus flower bulbs in bloom. Mixed Species Crocus flower bulbs in bloom.
Blue Pearl Crocus
Our Price: $24.99
Mixed Species Crocus
Our Price: $24.99
Delicate tinted white and flushed pink petals. Light blue outer petals, lighter inside petal, orange center. A bold mix of crocus colors!
Tricolor Crocus flower bulbs in bloom. Hollandica White Wedgewood Iris Bulbs Snowbunting Crocus flower bulbs in bloom.
Tricolor Crocus
Our Price: $24.99
Snowbunting Crocus
Our Price: $26.99
A bold mix of yellow, purple and white petals!
Stunning solid white flowers The purest white miniature lanceolate petals.
Prince Claus Crocus flower bulbs in bloom. Israeli Minerva Amaryllis Bulbs Tete a Tete Narcissi (Daffodil) Bulbs
Prince Claus Crocus
Our Price: $26.99
Blue blotched oval petals with a white edge and a pale blue center. Red and white. A beautiful example of how stunning and elegant Amaryllis are! A favorite for its early, beautiful, yellow blooms.
Canaliculatis Narcissi (Daffodil) Bulbs Hollandica Purple Sensation Iris Bulbs Danfordiae Iris Bulbs
Miniature daffodil with soft white petals and a fun yellow cup . Royal purple flowers with lovely yellow stripe Yellow flowers, with dark speckles
Ping Pong Allium Bulbs Mixed Color Miniature Narcissi (Daffodil) Bulbs Collection BAKERI 'Lilac Wonder' Tulip Bulbs
A miniature version of Mont Blanc Allium A perfect combination of our best selling miniature daffodil bulbs Rosy purple outer petals, lighter inside petal
Minnow Narcissi (Daffodil) Bulbs Advance Crocus flower bulbs in bloom. All Star Mixed Narcissi (Daffodil) Bulbs
Minnow Narcissi Bulbs
Our Price: $37.59
Advance Crocus
Our Price: $37.99
A perfect little flower- white petals with soft yellow cup Light violet outer petals with a lemon yellow center. Enjoy a wonderful variety of our best selling daffodil bulbs
Jetfire Narcissi (Daffodil) Bulbs White Magic Muscari (Grape Hyacinth) flower bulbs in bloom. Dutch Rapido Amaryllis Bulbs
Jetfire Narcissi Bulbs
Our Price: $40.69
Muscari White Magic
Our Price: $40.99
Delicate yellow petals with orange-red cup Brilliant white bells hang from this tall statement flower for spring.
Bright red Amaryllis loved for its multiple flowers.
Single Early Mixed Tulip Bulbs Impression Mixed Tulip Bulbs Carlton Narcissi (Daffodil) Bulbs
Carlton Narcissi Bulbs
Our Price: $43.89
A mix of our favorite Single Early Tulips A great mix of Early/mid season Tulips in a variety of colors Wonderful yellow cups and yellow petals
GOLDEN APELDOORN Tulip Bulbs Golden Parade Tulip Bulbs APELDOORN'S ELITE Tulip Bulbs
Golden Parade Tulip Bulbs
Our Price: $43.89
Wonderfully large, yellow flowers Large, deep yellow flowers Large yellow flowers with magenta blotch and flame- unique and beautiful!
Purple Prince Tulip Bulbs JULIETTE Tulip Bulbs Pallada Tulip Bulbs
Purple Prince Tulip Bulbs
Our Price: $43.89
Juliette Tulip Bulbs
Our Price: $43.89
Pallada Tulip Bulbs
Our Price: $43.89
Long lasting lilac purple flowers on strong stems Feathered yellow markings on bright yellow flower petals Dark red flowers with strong, upright foliage
JIMMY Tulip Bulbs CANDY PRINCE Tulip Bulbs Claudia Tulip Bulbs
Jimmy Tulip Bulbs
Our Price: $43.89
Candy Prince Tulip Bulbs
Our Price: $43.89
Claudia Tulip Bulbs
Our Price: $44.99
Unique, gorgeous pink and peach flowers Precious and delicate purple tulips A purple lily flowering Tulip with white edges
WHITE EMPEROR Tulip Bulbs Red Impression Tulip Bulbs DAYDREAM Tulip Bulbs
White Emperor Tulip Bulbs
Our Price: $45.39
Huge white blooms! Deep red, large flowers Flowers change from lemon yellow to apricot orange!
WASHINGTON Tulip Bulbs ABBA Tulip Bulbs Gerrit Vander Valk Tulip Bulbs
Washington Tulip Bulbs
Our Price: $45.39
Abba Tulip Bulbs
Our Price: $45.39
Canary yellow petals with bright red flames Glowing blood red flowers Deep red petals with a large yellow edge
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