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Bulk Herb Sample Special Double Happiness Flowering Tea Butterfly Flowering Tea
Butterfly Flowering Tea
Our Price: $1.95
Purchase many of our top selling herbs for the special "sampler" price of $1/oz. Green tea with two chrysanthemum flowers, amaranth globe and jasmine flowers A mixture of tightly rolled and open leaves of light to medium green color
White Icicle Radish Seeds Early White Kohlrabi Seeds Kentucky Wonder Pole Bean Seeds
An excellent radish variety that has a long tapered, icicle-shaped root Unusual member of the cabbage family- produces a light green, swollen, globe-shaped stem just above the ground. Delicious fresh or cooked and are unbeatable for canning and freezing
Mandan Bride Corn Seeds Golden Bantum Corn Seeds Christmas Tree Flowering Tea
Mandan Bride Corn Seeds
Our Price: $2.19
A beautiful corn variety from the Mandan Indians of Minnesota and North Dakota The standard and most popular Heirloom corn variety for old-fashioned flavor Green tea with two chrysanthemum flowers, chrysanthemum and amaranth globe flowers
Contender String Bean Seed Painted Lady Runner Bean Seeds Lime Basil Seeds
Lime Basil Seeds
Our Price: $2.39
Great for kid gardens and known to be one of the first to begin producing An easy to grow, beautiful Runner Bean. (SOLD OUT) An excellent Basil from Thailand with a unique Lime scent
Minette Basil Seeds Osmin Basil Seeds Holy Basil Seeds
Minette Basil Seeds
Our Price: $2.39
Osmin Basil Seeds
Our Price: $2.39
Holy Basil Seeds
Our Price: $2.39
A great miniature Basil for pots The darkest purple Basil with a great sweet Basil flavor This lovely purple Basil is grown near temples and in gardens all over India
Queenette Basil Seeds Dwarf Grey Sugar Pea Seeds Customized Birth Announcement Seed Packets
Queenette Basil Seeds
Our Price: $2.39
One of the most aromatic and flavorful of the Thai Basils Sugar snap peas known for their crisp, crunchy and delicious flavor Customized Birth Announcement Seed Packets
Customized Wedding Seed Packets Customized Seed Packets Evening Sun Sunflower Seeds
Customized Seed Packets
Our Price: $2.50
Customized Wedding Seed Packets Customized Seed Packets Fiery, exotic looking shades of red, orange, and burgundy
Amish Pie Pumpkin Seeds Long Island Brussels Sprout Seeds Florida High Bush Eggplant Seeds
Amish Pie Pumpkin Seeds
Our Price: $2.79
One of the best producing Heirloom pumpkins ever! A heavy producing Heirloom Brussels Sprout- delicious fresh or frozen Perfect for frying, grilling, stuffing and baking
Long Purple Eggplant Seeds Black Beauty Zucchini Squash Seeds Jaune et Verte Squash Seeds
Dramatic foliage and Beautifully colorful fruit A favorite Italian heirloom squash. Very flavorful. A beautiful and delicious French heirloom summer squash
Early Yellow Summer Squash Seeds Green Globe Artichoke Seeds Detroit Dark Red Beet Seeds
Light and dark variegated skin with tender delicious flavor A delicious and ornamental addition to your back yard garden The delicious standard for all Beets
Bronze Arrowhead Lettuce Seeds Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce Seeds Yellow Brandywine Tomato Seeds
Great all-around lettuce for the home garden Easy to grow, delicious and nutritious! Smooth, deep yellow beefsteak tomatoes with a creamy texture and delicious, rich taste
Mammoth Red Rock Cabbage Seeds Red Russian Kale Seeds Mustard Green Seeds
Red Russian Kale Seeds
Our Price: $2.89
Deep red color with a great Cabbage taste A very popular Sweet, Tender and Mild Kale An ancient variety, Mizuna Mustard is a delightful addition to salad mixtures or as a garnish.
Mesclun Green Seeds Black Diamond Watermelon Seeds Crimson Sweet Watermelon Seeds
Mesclun Mix Green Seeds
Our Price: $2.89
Mesclun Green Seeds Seeds for sale at This blend includes; Arugula, Red Giant and Mizuna Mustards, Tatsoi and Tokyo Bekana Chinese Cabbages An excellent mid-season variety for home gardeners and market growers. A sweet crimson watermelon with great storing ability
Hale's Best Jumbo Cantaloupe Seeds Culinary Thyme Seeds Greek Oregano Seeds
Culinary Thyme Seeds
Our Price: $2.89
Greek Oregano Seeds
Our Price: $2.89
An excellent mid-season variety for home gardeners and market growers. The Universal Herb The most flavorful of all Oreganos
Premium Late Flat Dutch Cabbage Seeds French Breakfast Radish Seeds Giant Prague Celeriac Seeds
A high producing and flavorful winter Cabbage Let your children plant and care for these easy-to-grow nutritious snacks Heirloom celeriac that was introduced in 1871 and is very popular in many parts of Europe
Amish Deer Tongue Lettuce Seeds Prizetaker Leek Seeds Evergreen Hardy Bunching Scallion Seeds
Prizetaker Leek Seeds
Our Price: $2.89
Rugged, high producing Amish favorite Very large Heirloom Leek from England A cold weather tolerant heirloom from Japan
Giant Italian Parsley Seeds Cilantro Seeds Purple Dark Opal Basil Seeds
The Parsley prized by Italian cooks One of the first spices cultivated by early American settlers Grown for both decorative appeal and culinary value
Picnic Watermelon Seeds Italian Red Torpedo Onion Seeds Yellow of Parma Onion Seeds
Picnic Watermelon Seeds
Our Price: $2.89
A delicious and very rare Heirloom Watermelon A sweet, mild and tender red heirloom onion from Italy An Italian Heirloom with handsome, golden, upright globe-shaped bulbs
Clear Dawn Onion Seeds Giant Zittau Onion Seeds Yellow Granex Onion Seeds
Clear Dawn Onion Seeds
Our Price: $2.89
A favorite for its high quality, long storage and uniformity Delicious yellow Heirloom onion variety from the town of Zittau in Germany The most popular sweet onion in America
John Baer Tomato Seeds Currant Sweet Pea Tomato Seeds Large Red Cherry Tomato Seeds
John Baer Tomato Seeds
Our Price: $2.89
Early Heirloom Tomatoes with excellent flavor and color Tiny size, BIG flavor. A wonderful novelty Tomato. Classic cherry tomato favored for its prolific production of sweet pink/red tomatoes
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