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The "Iris" takes its name from the Greek word for a rainbow, referring to the wide variety of flower colors that can be found among the many Iris species.

Irises are very easy to grow and their great variety of colors and sizes makes them a spring garden favorite.Some of the most popular Iris flower varieties are: the bearded iris, Reblooming iris, Siberian iris, Dutch iris, and Japanese iris.

Planting Iris will bring many season of color and elegance to your spring garden borders or larger areas that need to be filled in.

Planting your Iris Bulbs

Iris Rhizomes should be planted after the heat of summer but prior to the first frost- late September/early October is generally a good time for planting Iris bulbs. Irises should be planted in a full sun location although they can stay healthy in partial shade spots as well. Ideally, your Iris flowers should get at least six hours of sunlight per day. You also need a spot with great drainage, as irises are particularly susceptible to rot. Irises should be spaced about one and a half feet apart and planted in groups of three or four. Plant the fan ends of the Iris rhizomes facing away from one another, as they will generate new growth in that direction. Go about three or four inches deep into the soil, digging planting holes about double the size of the iris bulb. Make sure to avoid any air pockets, which will increase the odds of rotting.
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