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Heirloom, Organic Pepper Seeds

"I have given you every plant with seeds on the face of the earth and every tree that has fruit with seeds. This will be your food." Genesis 1:29

Peppers come in a beautiful array of colors, shapes and flavors. Both Spicy and Sweet Peppers are known for their ability to add flavor and color to your cooking. You'll enjoy spicing up your dishes with wonderful peppers from your garden.

Heat Rating for Hot Peppers.

Check out or blog (PlantingSeedsBlog) for information on Planting and Growing Hot Peppers from Seed.
Chile Pepper Powders Hot Pepper Seeds Sweet Pepper Seeds
Chili Pepper Powder is used as a spice to add pungency or "heat" and flavor to many popular dishes.
Hot Peppers are very popular in Mexican, South American, and the emerging Tex-Mex cuisines.
Sweet Peppers will add a beautiful splash of color and taste to your fresh garden salads and soups.
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Florida High Bush Eggplant Seeds Chocolate Beauty Pepper Seeds Bull Nose Large Pepper Seeds
Perfect for frying, grilling, stuffing and baking A beautiful and very sweet tasting Pepper for all your gourmet needs. Delicious, good-size fruits great in salads, pickled or for cooking
Supreme Growers Living Soil Amendments Sweet Banana Pepper Seeds Green Perilla Seeds
Supreme Growers Living Soil Amendments
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Green Perilla Seeds
Our Price: $3.89
Healthy soil is full of living things! The Sweet Banana Pepper gets its name from it's shape and color which resembles a banana. "Shiso"- used extensively in Japanese and Korean cooking
Brazilian Starfish Pepper Seeds 5in Peat Pots Jalapeno Chili Pepper Seeds
Brazilian Starfish Pepper Seeds
Our Price: $6.90
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Moderately spicy pepper with a unique shape and heavy fruit production! Pack of 8, 100% biodegradable peat pots A great all around Hot Pepper
Purple Jalapeno Chili Pepper Seeds Tabasco Chili Pepper Seeds Anaheim Chili Pepper Seeds
A unique purple Pepper with the full flavor of a traditional Jalapeno A delicious Pepper made famous by its use in sauces One of the most commonly used varieties in the US
Serrano Chili Pepper Seeds Habanero Chili Pepper Seeds Mulato Chili Pepper Seeds
The best Chili Pepper for salsas One of our most intensely spicy and most popular varieties of Chili Peppers An essential ingredient for making Mexican Mole Sauces
Cayenne Chili Pepper Seeds De Arbol Chili Pepper Seeds Red Habanero Chili Pepper Seeds
Mild aroma with a Hot, Fiery taste. The most popular pepper used in crafts such as chile wreaths or ristras The bright red and extremely hot version of the Habanero
Devil's Tongue Pepper Seeds Bulgarian Carrot Pepper Seeds Pasilla Chili Pepper Seeds
Beautiful, bright yellow, wrinkly pods An Heirloom hot pepper with a unique fruity taste from Bulgaria Pasillas turn from dark green to dark brown as they mature.
Poblano Chili Pepper Seeds White Habanero Chili Pepper Seeds Jamaican Red Scotch Bonnet Chili Pepper Seeds
A mild Chili commonly used in sauces and moles A delicious, rare variety of the Habanero EXTREMELY HOT and closely related to the Habanero but less common
Pepperocini Pepper Seeds Chocolate Habanero Pepper Seeds Jamaican Hot Chocolate Scotch Bonnet Chili Pepper Seeds
Mild with a slight heat and a hint of bitterness, commonly pickled The spiciest of the true Habaneros! An extremely hot Caribbean flavor that is strong and smoky.
New Mexico 6-4 Pepper Seeds Big Jim Legacy Pepper Seeds Sandia Pepper Seeds
Sandia Pepper Seeds
Our Price: $6.29
A mild, flavorful pepper developed by New Mexico State University Big Jim Legacy is known for its incredible FLAVOR A favorite in the southwest with a spicy chile flavor
Lumbre Pepper Seeds Guajillo Pepper Seeds Piquin Pepper Seeds
Lumbre Pepper Seeds
Our Price: $6.29
Guajillo Pepper Seeds
Our Price: $6.29
Piquin Pepper Seeds
Our Price: $6.29
A new, hard to find, extra spicy NuMex Chile Pepper Said to have the best flavor of any chile! Great for red Enchiladas. A hot chile pepper, also known as "bird pepper", that is commonly used as a hot spice
Bhut (Naga) Jolokia Pepper Powder Fatalii Pepper Seeds 12 Seed Starting Kit
Fatalii Pepper Seeds
Our Price: $6.90
Use Ghost Pepper Powder to spice up anything! Makes a very attractive and HOT sauce Greenhouse and 12 peat pellets for starting seeds indoors
Organic Seed Starting Mix 36 Peat Pellet Refill Bolivian Rainbow Pepper Seeds
36 Peat Pellet Refill
Our Price: $8.49
Perfect for starting all types of seeds indoors
36 Dry Canadian Sphangum Peat pellets Beautiful Heirloom Pepper seeds from Bolivia
Bishops Crown Pepper Seeds Big Jim Pepper Seeds Trinidad Scorpion Pepper Seeds
Big Jim Pepper Seeds
Our Price: $8.99
Prolific and easy to grow hot pepper variety The Big Jim holds the 2011 World Record as the largest pepper! From Trinidad- one of the world's hottest and best tasting peppers
Moruga Scorpion Pepper Seeds Tepin Pepper Seeds Sandia Pepper Powder
Tepin Pepper Seeds
Our Price: $11.90
Sandia Pepper Powder
Our Price: $12.95
Broke the two million Scoville mark in February 2012 making it the hottest recorded pepper in history! Believed to be "the Original Wild Chile" Clean, De-seeded red chile powder with tasty moderate heat
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