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Organic Sprouting Seeds

"When I see that first, minuscule, curled, pale green wisp of a sprout poking up, I hear God speaking.." - June Santon

Our great variety of Certified Organic Sprouting Seeds can be used to supplement your diet with a variety of flavors and colors. Sprouts are known to be rich in digestible energy, bioavailable vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins, and phytochemicals. The shelf life of most sprout varieties is very short making them nearly impossible to find!

Growing your own fresh, organic bean sprouts is so much fun and a great choice for those who enjoy healthy eating at home! Add fresh sprouts to any of your favorite stir fry, salad, soup or sandwich recipes for a delicious and nutritious boost.

All of our Sprouting Seeds come in bulk (1lb or 25lb) sizes and most are also available in smaller 4oz sizes. One 4oz pack of sprouting seeds will produce approximately 1.5lbs of sprouts.

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Organic Sprouting Seeds
Organic Sprouting Seed Blends
Sprouting Accessories
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Sprout Chart Hemp Sprouting Bag Sweet Green Pea Sprouting Seeds
Sprout Chart
Our Price: $7.99
Hemp Sprouting Bag
Our Price: $16.95
Current Sale Price! $14.95
You save $2.00!
Easy to use field guide to growing and enjoying sprouts provides information on taste, usage and harvest times. Made from natural, chemical-free untreated Hemp and linen fibers. Great for growing grains and beans. Naturally resists mildew and mold! Wonderful crunchy texture with a refreshing, sweet pea flavor
Radish Sprouting Seeds Mung Bean Sprouting Seeds Red Clover Sprouting Seeds
Radish Sprouting Seeds
Our Price: $21.27
Mung Bean Sprouting Seeds
Our Price: $22.75
All the delicious spice of a radish in one sprout The most widely consumed sprout on our planet! Known to help with symptoms related to PMS, menopause and hot flashes
Sunflower Sprouting Seeds Sandwich Blend Sprouting Seeds Broccoli Sprouting Seeds
Sunflower Sprouting Seeds
Our Price: $29.95
Broccoli Sprouting Seeds
Our Price: $42.90
Also known as "sunnys" these rare sprouts are absolutely DELICIOUS! Organic Radish, Alfalfa and Red clover sprouts combine to make the perfect sandwich blend A great sources of Vitamin A & C and a variety of minerals
Alfalfa Sprouting Seeds Salad Blend Sprouting Seeds
Alfalfa Sprouting Seeds
Our Price: $45.50
Can be planted anywhere in the world, at any time of the year, regardless of temperature and climate! Organic Radish, Mung bean, Alfalfa and Red clover sprouting seeds make up this delicious and highly nutritious blend